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Robiul Islam
28. Juni 2022
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SEO has evolved in recent years. A lot. With advances in algorithms and the introduction of machine learning in search, SEO has become harder to perfect. So how are you doing (or succeeding) today? Here are six business SEO tactics and strategies that work. 1. Increase Keyword Rankings Within Keystrokes Targeting keywords ranked by hitting distance (i.e. keywords ranked in positions 11-20) is easy to use and offers quick wins to improve your performance. Striking distance keywords The process of researching keystroke distance keywords is simple: Advertising Continue reading below Enter your domain in Ahrefs. Go to organic keywords Banner Design and click on the indicator (e.g. USA or wherever you are targeting). Click on the position and enter from 11 to 20 and filter your keywords that rank by keystroke distance. Why should brands do this It is much easier to move nearby keywords from page 1 to the first page. Targeting keywords ranked by keystroke distance is the easiest way to find the best opportunities. Benefits Incremental traffic. Potential increase in conversions. Better visibility. Results We increased traffic by 15% from a keyword in three months for one of our hospitality clients by moving the keyword from position 11 to position 6. Advertising Continue reading below By optimizing the title, content, building links, and getting social recommendations on landing pages ranking for these keywords, you may be able to increase your visibility on Page 1 - and possibly any of the three first positions over time. Once you have placed your customers or your site in the top 3, the site will have more incremental traffic and conversions and be more visible in ultra-competitive SERPs. 2. Develop your content Once you find keywords that rank in terms of keystroke distance and your site is relevant to those keywords, you can develop the current content to meet the end user's intent and the make it more relevant and useful for your users. This is especially important if you have thin or empty pages (pages with little or no content). The process of finding thin pages and expanding content is easy. Enter your domain in DeepCrawl. Go to the Content section and click Content > Body Content > Thin Pages .

Robiul Islam

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